Changelog for Lazarus 3


If you're looking for the Lazarus 2 changelog, it's over here.


== 3.2 [2012-06-27] (Lazarus Sync for the masses!) ==
 * Lazarus Sync security improvements
 * Switch to using a dedicated sync server 
 * Fixed a broken link on the options page
 * Redo the sync options 
 * Remove obsolete MD5 code
 * Better password entry dialog
 * Chrome Manifest Version 2 changes
 * Remove all inline scripts to deal with new security restrictions imposed by Google Chrome
 * Chrome: Whilelist web accessible resources
 * Improvements to the "Disable on the site" dialog
 * Translate the login dialog
 * Firefox: disable Lazarus in private browsing mode
 * Fixed a bug in the crypto library so it handles javascript objects as well as strings
 * CSS tweaks to the options page
 * Better file layout for cross-platform development
 * Fixed: Stop syncing should ask the user if they want to also remove all data from the server
== 3.1.0 [2012-06-08] Lazarus Sync and support for richtext textboxes (finally!) ==

Massive amounts of changes, but in our opinion totally worth the wait 
(although maybe 8 months was a bit much to ask).

 * Lazarus Sync (yes sync between Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Your data everywhere!)
 * Support for richtext textboxes (Yes, it finally works on GMail!)
 * Complete redesign of the options dialog
 * New icons everywhere!
 * Cleanup unused images in the addon
 * Added a toolbar button
 * New Beta channel allowing users to keep up to date with the latest functionality
 * Upgrade to jquery 1.7.2 to remove warning messages from appearing in the js console
 *  Updated error handling in the database code
 * Support for HTML5 input types (eg email, url, number, date, etc...)
 * Database changes in preparation of Lazarus Sync and Lazarus Search (in future releases)
 * Safer JSON.parse methods
 * Fixed a logic bug in the runUpdates script.
 * Add database versioning (Sync related)
 * Chrome: improved logging 
 * Chrome: removed page action icon
 * Bugfix: autosaves are being lost if browser is restarted multiple times in quick succession
 * Reduced size of menuitem tooltips
 * Bugfix: menu stays in same place if page is scrolled whilst menu is still open
 * Impoved Lazarus button 
 * Bugfix: incorrect colors in dropdown menu on OSX
 * Cleaned up admin options, 
 * Added confirmation to delete database message
 * Reopen restore menu after entering password
 * Hide menu after logging out

== 3.0.5 [2011-10-17] ==

 * Updated icons for use in Chrome Web Store
 * fixed a badly written script (my fault) was causing problems with google's ajaxy search results
 * fixed an error that was preventing some forms from being recovered
 * fixed an error that prevented the lazarus menu from functioning on some websites

== [2011-07-22] (Firefox only) ==

 * set max version number to unlimited to deal with Firefox version number madness

== [2011-06-22] (Firefox only) (Do'h) ==

 * remove developer flag

== 3.0.4 [2011-06-22] (Firefox Only, other version to follow soon) ==

Had to release the Firefox version sooner than I'd like due to a new version of Firefox being released.

 * bugfix: unnamed textboxes are not currently saved
 * save content editables divs
 * autosave contenteditable divs
 * Support for AJAXified textarea and non-form textareas
 * add missing loading image (options dialog)
 * worker2 (better worker object)
 * allow options page to be scrollable
 * show "loading" overlay when initialising and translating the options dialog
 * allow AES to be called from worker threads (add custom btoa/atob functions to support Fx 3.6)
 * remove developer hacks from options (replaced with developer flag)
 * sync: decryptUpdatedRecords in a worker thread as it can take a long time when initial sync is done

== [2011-02-18] (Chrome only) ==

* bugfix: Google Chrome only: Incorrect unique id in extension from website is causing version 3.0.3 to be installed side-by-side with version 3.0.2 

== 3.0.3 [2011-02-14] ==

* fixed #60: format query replacement bug
* bugfix: Firefox 3.6.13 on Mac OS only. Lazarus failed to initalise due to background page failing to fire a load event.
* changes to sync code to deal with sync server changes
* tidy up jquery msg files
* fix XSS bug that might have been able to run code with browser level priviledges
* Initial tests for XMLHttpRequest listeners
* Prevent decryption errors from stopping the menu from being shown
* Add reset password link.
* fixed #58: Lazarus icon is sometime repeated across whole textbox

== [2011-01-31] (Firefox only) ==

* bugfix: Firefox 3.6.13 on Mac OS only. Lazarus faileds to initalise due to background page failing to fire a load event.

== 3.0.2 [2011-01-16] ==

* Better messages when rebuilding database
* Huge amount of work writing database synchronization code, looking good but not ready for general release yet.
* #22: Show version string and build number in options dialog.
* #44: Options dialog is too tall for some screens 
* Don't cache disabled domains list
* Move disabled domains list into database so it gets synced
* Add events to database queries and transactions
* Add option to reset all options and database to factory defaults
* Re-initailize encryption and hashseed after setting up sync
* Allow sync to survive a corrupted database
* Tweak about text to remove references to google chrome
* LocaliseDOM can now do recursive localisation
* Fixed #26: Remove autosaves when rebuilding the database
* Fixed #31: Options dialog: labels elements should un/check checkboxes
* Options page: remove underlines when hovering mouse over tabs
* Fixed #34: password boxes show previous password in the dropdown

== 3.0.1 [2010-12-10] ==

* New option: debug log level (log errors by default)
* Fixed: update check was broken
* Remove Experimental options tab until we have something better to put in there.

== 3.0 [2010-12-08] ==

* Complete rewrite from the ground up to be non-blocking and cross platform (Chrome, Firefox and Safari)