Acclaim for Lazarus Form Recovery

"If you use Firefox, you must use Lazarus. I've relied on this add-on for years and consider it an essential part of my Web life" - Rick Broida, PC World

"Lazarus has recovered hours of work and saved me from a lot of frustration. If your work depends on online forms, install it; you won't regret it." Melanie Pinola, Lifehacker

"Recommended for anyone who’s ever had to rewrite that incredibly clever forum post retort, and lost some of the killer wit in the process."  - Darrell Etherington, GigaOm (WebWorker) . 

"If you use Firefox, this add-on is truly essential."  - Dave Johnson, CBS News (BNet)  

"Incredibly useful for bloggers or blog commenters who find themselves composing masterpieces only to lose them because they clicked somewhere they shouldn't have." -- Alan Henry, PC Mag (AppScout) 

"Lazarus works nicely in the background and can be a real life safer for users who regularly post lots of text." - Martin Brinkmann, Ghacks 

Also see the 170+ Five Star user reviews at  (from 221 reviews in total, as of writing) 

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